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MSDN defines tombstoning as the procedure in which the operating system terminates an application’s process when the user navigates away from the application. The operating system maintains state information about the application. If the user navigates back to the application, the operating system restarts the application process and passes the state data back to the application.

Windows Phone Mvp provides a variety of different ways that assist with this.

Presenter Methods

The presenter defines the following methods that, when implemented will be called when the current presenter is being activated or deactivated.
  • OnActivated()
  • OnDeactivated()

Automatically Persisting Properties

The Transient() method will tell WindowsPhoneMvp that you want a particular property to survive tombstoning. When you specify this, Windows Phone Mvp will take care of the persisting and restoring for you. To persist a property on the current model, the following can be used:

Transient(x => x.PersistMe);

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